The Arab Center for the Development of the Rule of Law and Integrity (ACRLI) is implementing a regional project entitled: “The Middle Eastern Bankruptcy Law Reform Initiative” in each of Egypt and Jordan with the support of the Middle East Partnership initiative (MEPI).
This  project aims at promoting and raising confidence in business and commerce in Egypt and Jordan, through establishing and activating the concepts of the rule of law in the trade and business sectors.

The strategic objectives of the project are twofold; the first is to formulate well-researched reform plans and recommendations for reforming bankruptcy laws in both Egypt and Jordan. The second strategic objective is the creation of effective advocacy campaigns for bankruptcy law reform, which will activate the participation of multiple stakeholders in their respective countries. The advocacy campaigns will target only stakeholders with an interest in bankruptcy law reform and hopefully the means to effectively pressure policy-makers to enact reforms.

An analytical legal study will be prepared by the project team based on depth survey that will target potential stakeholders in order to suggest recommendations and suitable reforms.

The project effectively advocate for the need of bankruptcy reform, through:

1- The preparation of a reform study concerning the modernization of the bankruptcy system in both Egypt and Jordan.

2- Brainstorming  sessions and national and regional workshops including the presentation, discussion and the approval of the proposed reforms in both countries.

2- Holding media interviews on the importance and the necessity of a modern bankruptcy law.

3- Awareness campaigns and effective advocacy on the need of bankruptcy law reform and modernization, based on:

  • Personal interviews with the decision-makers who are involved in Bankruptcy law modernization in Egypt and Jordan.
  • Newspaper and TV interviews about the importance and the need of modernization of bankruptcy laws  in Egypt and Jordan

4- Creating this compendium that includes commercial and bankruptcy legislations, court decisions, and other legal resources as well as information, references and resources on business advocacy and international best practices, among other useful tools for commercial and bankruptcy law practitioners in the region.

In addition to the preparation of information materials including:

- Brochures about the project and the importance of Bankruptcy modernization in the two target countries.

- Two documentary movies about Bankruptcy reform.

- A book including legal study and the survey results as well as modern proposals in both Egypt and Jordan, in addition to the regional approach on the modernization of Bankruptcy systems.

The Arab Center is performing this project in cooperation with its partners; Eurasia Foundation, the Nile Advisory Group from Egypt and Baker & Odeh foundation from Jordan and the assistance of a national network of concerned stakeholders and decision makers from both countries

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